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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Nj

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Nj

Hello everyone this is Jason from CPA Academy I am so glad that you are all joining us today for a free CPE webinar on the 2022 Federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit employment update this is a very deep topic and we are very lucky to have two incredibly knowledgeable presenters going along with our presentation over the next hour so I am going to do some quick housekeeping and then I will turn it over to Brian Kelly and Lindsey strong from cost management services before we get going of course I just want to do a couple of quick technical checks and some housekeeping make sure everything is working for everyone I see a lot of our CPA Academy regulars have already gone over to the questions panel if the GoToWebinar control panel and are typing in that they can hear me but for those of you who might be new let's go ahead and open up that go to webinar questions panel should be docked on the right side of your screen go ahead and let me know that you can hear me let me know you can see this five while you're in there let me know what are you listening in from what you're hoping to get out of today's webinar so far I see people checking in from Ohio New Mexico Florida Cleveland welcome everybody so glad you're all spending part of your time here today with CPA Academy anybody is having any trouble seeing or hearing throughout the webinar please let me know in this same questions panel we'll do the best we can to do to get the troubleshooting done quickly and efficiently and put your focus where it needs to be although please keep in mind there are a lot of you and there is only one of me so I'll do the best I can to get to all of your support requests as soon as I see them and as soon as I'm able to handle them and now a little bit of housekeeping regarding CPE for today's webinar today's webinar qualifies for one CPE credit and one seee credit in order to qualify for that credit you have to be logged in for at least 50 that's five zero minutes out of our 60 minute session and answer the polling questions those will pop up on your screen periodically and you'll have about a minute or so to answer that all by clicking the pull the little radio button that corresponds with your answer and then clicking the submit button on the GoToWebinar whole panel we are going to use those polls along with your time logged in to issue credit and you should see that credit in your CPA Academy account that CPE credit I should specify by the end of the day today see II we will be processing with the IRS at a later date the enrolled agents on the line will be processing the seee with the IRS at a later date but those would be here for CPE we'll see that in your CPA Academy account later today and all of you will also get a copy of an archived recording of this webinar and a copy of the handout and speaking of handout if those of you do not mind going over to the handout section of the GoToWebinar control panel you'll be able to download a copy the hand as follow along with at home or to refer back to in the future and now that I've gotten through all the housekeeping it's my pleasure to turn today's session over to Brian Kelly and Lindsey strong from CMS so Brian Lindsey thank you for presenting today and the floor is yours thank you very much Jason we appreciate it and we appreciate everybody investing the time this afternoon to review this session with us we're excited to have you so let's um let's dive in it from a gender perspective we're going to talk to you a little bit about CMS we're going to explain what is wha C we're going to give you a little history of wha T tax credit programs the legislation behind it or underneath it how wha T is a bet there's a value to both your company if you work for a company or for your clients if you're a CPA firm on how to take advantage of those we're going to explain how the Watchi program actually works who's eligible for the wha t tax credits with the processes so with that said it's a lot of information and we're going to go the streamline right through it CMS CMS has actually been producing and processing Watty tax credits for over 20 years now we've also been in the HR and payroll technology area for the last 20 years and you're going to see at the end of today's presentation where that technology kind of brings you and your client and how we can help you with that we developed our online Wasi portal back in 2022 which is all web-based which helps our clients process Falacci tax credits through us and we look we always look at innovation we always look at technology one of our sister companies is also I recruit which is a full applicant tracking system application that were involved in as well so behind a lot of this technology is their core in a lot of cases but before I jump into cert education Yahtzee everybody has a chat box on their desktop just kind of curious if people can reply whether they're Boston Red Sox or a Dodgers fan and who they want to win the World Series as an informal question so we can get some polls going there so wati wati stands for work opportunity tax credit so the whole basic underlying component of the velocity tax credit is basically incentives for employers to get.

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