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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Pre

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Pre

What up YouTube today we are going to be talking about arranging our dental arch in preform and prepare it for 3d printing so the quickest and most efficient way to do this is print the model flat on its base so we're just going to be working with these three icons here and the top one there is a button down here at the bottom that is called select base we will choose that it gives us this cool suction-cup tool and by clicking here where we want it it'll just plop it flat down and we can see that it is nice and flat on the base on the build plate so this is actually this grid here is our build plate and here we can move the arch for this application we never want to choose this button see what it does there you don't want that not in the dental world okay this little sphere here will also allow us to move the model but for now we just are going to click and drag and let's see what our print time is on this one our 18 minutes okay now let's see what our print time would be if we added some force to this model over here our middle button and our supports icon and we can just choose generate selected there we have it supports looks great what is our print time here so we jumped up to an hour and 41 minutes without supports I also just want to talk about how to edit your supports Oh reasons this would be effective is if you had six models here you wanted to arrange and print overnight so we would want to build them more at an upright position so we can just choose here on the sphere bring this model I'm more of a slanted position and that way we can line them up nice and easy let's go ahead and generate some supports excellent okay let's take a look so the software is automatically going to generate supports where it feels we need but we don't want typically our supports built on our teeth so we can go get our support button again choose edit and if we zoom in very closely these little blue dots indicate where the supports are built so I can select there and I will select here okay I'll apply those support edits okay I also apply those support edits okay and what do we have looks good perfect let's see what the time is on this just for fun two hours and 43 minutes okay so this is exactly why when we have several models here why would something we would want to build overnight otherwise I'm typically looking for the quickest most efficient way especially for D bonding in the morning and planning to deliver in Essex on her demo so I will just deselect these supports by coming over here to clear okay and coming back to the Select base there we have it okay this bottom button here is our layout key again this just allows us to move the model around you can also manipulate the model here ok so I think it's quite clear that printing flat on the base is typically our quickest most efficient way to print and ready to print we just come here to file in print and it sends directly to our printer.

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