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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Why 8850 Form Recipient

Instructions and Help about Why 8850 Form Recipient

In this video I'm going to share to fix the problem of your contact form 7 submissions not being sent to you and now you'll finally be able to receive the emails that people are trying to get through to you when they fill your contact form and we're getting started right now it what's up guys welcome back to another video it's Bjorn from WP Learning Lab we help you get better WordPress you can earn more for yourself for your clients and for your business if it's your first time here hit the subscribe button then at the Bell notification icons you notified when I publish more wordpress tutorials for you and i'm just curious how many of you guys are using contact form 7 for something other than a contact form for example a multi-page application form or an appointment scheduler or a service Booker just as this curious what do you guys use in contact form 7 4 leave it down in the comments below I'd love to know with that out of the way let's fix this email issue over the screen capture I'll see you there so to get this done what we have to do is install a plugin called easy WP SMTP which basically routes your email through when your email accounts instead of going to the server on your hosting account and that often solves a lot of these email issues that come to contact form 7 so we're in the dashboard right here I'm going to quickly install this plugin by going to plugins and then add new and then searching for easy WP SMTP the first amount appears on the top left here is the one that I use I'm going to click on install now and then activate now the plug-in is active so we have a little red message - one message up here say we have to set the credentials for this plugin which we do so we could click on this link to the setting the menu right here so these are the easy WP SMTP settings what I encourage you to do is check out this link right here which takes to the documentation we're going to open it right now and the reason is there's a bunch of different email types you can include in here and this explains how to do it so if we scroll down a little bit bunch of benefits using it configuration so here's the information for Gmail Yahoo Hotmail those are the big three hopefully using one of those if you're not using one of those you have to find the be host type of encryption and SMTP port from whatever email service that you're using in order for this to work and I'm going to use Gmail for my example so I'm just going to copy what they have here and put that into the form starting and in this field right here and for the type of encryption there's TLS and then SMTP port is 587 TLS for the encryption 587 for the port screen silmas top part here the from address will just be bjorn at launch time nope join it WP Learning Lab comm from their name will be Bjorn and in brackets I'm going to put WP PhD comm so I know which website this is coming from if you have multiple sites that's an important thing to do we want to attend to Kate that's yes and then the username is going to be the username you use to log in to your email account so I'm going to type in my username and the password is the password used to log in to that email account so I'm going to type that in for me hopefully got that right and then click on Save Changes so settings is saved now we can do a little test message so recipients email is going to be me subjects going to be test message test and click on send test email so after doing that send a test send we have a failed to connect to the SMTP and if we go into our email account I got an email from Google saying they blocked a sign-in attempt which was that plug-in trying to sign in because what it does is it sends the email from yourself to yourself essentially instead of going through the hosting servers it goes through your email account and so Google thinks somebody else is trying to hack into your account or they know your password and they block the login and what you can do is click on this link here to allow access to less secure apps and it will walk you through how to allow access to that plugin if you're not using Google you may not have the issue so you might have to do this at all but if I turn this on right here it's now updated now if we go back and test this again it should work a little bit smoother so we click on test and see what happens now you get the message of test email was sent which is great see if we can find it in here there's a test message suppose is coming from your Adobe PDF calm so I was able to sign in and everything worked out I got the message so if you're having problems with the contact form 7 not sending your emails this is something to try but keep in mind like Google just said we're doing something it's less secure than optimal so if you don't want to the less secure method there's another option which is saving the contact form 7 information to your WordPress database which I have another video for a link to it below in the description so check that out too I say with the database or try this if you want to.

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