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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Consecutive

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Consecutive

What's up guys? Jeff Cavaliere here from athleanx.com and I have an Athlean Xpress tip for you. I think you're gonna find it helpful, especially if you deadlift. Deadlifts can be a complex movement because they require a lot of different joints to work in sync with each other. Guys always ask me how much contribution comes from the hips and how much comes from the knees. There's a very easy way to master that and make sure you're getting the right amounts in each rep. I have an empty bar here and I'll demonstrate with a full bar. You start by sitting your hips back, similar to an RDL (stiff-legged RDL). Here, there's no real knee bend, all the contribution is from the hips. As soon as your hands are at your knee level, you can allow the knees to break, bringing you straight to the ground. The bar should stay nice and close to your shins. On the way back up, you're just reversing that motion, using your legs. The deadlift is a push movement, so you have to drive through the ground as you come up. Once you reach knee level again, it becomes a hip movement. You drive your hips up as you stand up to the top. To demonstrate with a real bar, you bend down with your hands on the bar, ass back, hips back, and as soon as your hands get to your knees, you break your knees. The bar should be against your shins in perfect position. From here, you push through the ground to bring it up to knee level. Then, push through the ground again and drive the hips on the way back down. Let the hips drop a little at the top, bend the knees, and push to come...