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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Consecutive

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Consecutive

What's up guys jeff cavaliere athleanx.com an athlean xpress tip for you I think you're gonna find helpful if you are a dead lifting dead lifts can be a complex movement because it's definitely a complicated movement because it requires a lot of different joints to work in sync with each other guys always ask me how much contribution is it from the hips and how much contribution comes from the knees there's a very easy way I feel to sort of master that make sure that you're getting the right amounts in the proper amounts in each and every rep that you do I have an empty bar here and I'll demonstrate on full bar you go and you sit your hips back as if you're into an RDL like I stiff-legged RDL you sit your hips back and sit your hips back you sit your hips back so here we haven't had any real knee bend at all all right all the contribution has been from the hips as soon as our hands are at the level here since are the 11 now you can allow the knees to break which brings you straight to the ground ok so the bar will stay nice and close to your shins and again now on the way back up you're just reversing that you're using your legs through here remember I always say the deadlift is a push movement ok it's a push movement you got a stabilizer you're pulling muscles and you have to drive through at the top well as they push through the ground the exerting force into the ground you drive it up and then from here as soon as he gets the knee level again now it's a hip movement ok we drive your hips up as you stand up to the top so if we demonstrate that a real bar bar goes over the laces ok I bent down this way okay hands down ass back hips back as soon as my hands get to my knees then I just break my knees you can see the bars right up against my shins in perfect position once I'm here I start by pushing through the ground getting it up to knee level ok here pushing through the ground a new level drive the hips on the way back down let the hips drop let the hips drop at the top right there bend the knees okay push and then come up let them drop a little drop a little drop bend the knees okay one more time push Gotham forward drop drop drop bend the knees so you're happy guys there's a tip that you can start instituting the very next time you do that now remember the deadlift there's a lot of different variations there's similar deadlifts there's different types of grips that we can use there's different stances we can take I prefer narrow up stamps some guys prefer a wide stance based on their Anatomy others will do something called a Jefferson deadlift or they actually straddle the bar lots of different variations lots of different goals some are looking for personal records on them that's not we're talking about here we're talking about putting it into your overall athletic training program getting you to function the way your body prefers function definitely what athlean-x is all about getting you guys the more athletic ground-based movements and building up strength on the ground up so you can become more powerful bigger faster stronger like from the toes to your fingertips if you haven't already guys you want to start seeing that in action then head to athleanx.com right now grab our 90-day training program in the meantime if you found this helpful let me know it will will make more videos as you guys require these kinds of tips alright see you back here soon you.

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