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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Documentation

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Documentation

We're in Microsoft Word 2022 and I'm going to show you how to do some forms I went ahead and put in some preset questions here so if you wanted to create a form this will save you a little bit of time I've been to some of the other videos and they sort of make you sit through creating all this stuff so I'm just going to cut to the chase and try to get you to creating your forms right away so let's start with would you like to continue so we're going to insert a checkbox content control so that's the one where we want it right there and if the person wants to check that box then they can right there check it and if we want we can even enter in you know check to check to continue there we go alright so there's your check box that one's a pretty easy one let's go with to what is the date so if we want to do the date we go up to the date picker content control insert a date content control so we put that in there and if we want we can go ahead and right click on it and from here we can do you know remove it we can change the font you know paragraph etc etc that kind of thing so let's go ahead and choose the next one which is the color so with the color we've got a couple different options we can either do a combo box or a drop-down list so the combo box allows us to type in it allows the user to type in their own thing as well as pick from a drop-down list so let's go ahead and choose the combo box for picking a color and then for the last one we've got the drop-down list that's when we they have to choose a preset so let's go ahead and highlight the color and we can see some of the different options the same kind of thing let's click on define and when we do that we get the merriam-webster dictionary comes up and we can define used that for dictionary definitions and that kind of thing just sort of a fun little side thing in case you wanted to do that alright so what we want to do is separate that a little bit and we want to go ahead and enter different fields so before we get too far let's go ahead and choose to save this and we're going to save it as a template so let's choose this PC we'll choose our desktop and we'll just go ahead and go down to template so there we go alright so now we've got that taken care of now we want to go in and change some of the fields so then what we do is go up to the developer tab and click on design mode and after we click on design mode you'll see the Box changes a little bit and it gives us some new options such as if we right-click in the middle of the area there we have properties so we can put in a title if we want a tag show as a bounding box which is the default start end or none so let's go ahead and choose an item so this is a color so we're going to do red and then we're going to add blue and then we're going to add of course yellow if you haven't guessed that by now and then we'll go ahead and click OK on that now let's choose an animal we'll do the same thing here about properties and we'll loop so go ahead go and do that down here to the bottom we'll choose a fox I'll choose a dog and we'll choose a cat alright and let's see if we go on the dates we'll go to properties there and we can choose the date style let's just go ahead and stick with the default but there's lots of different options there and we can also click on our checkbox and go to properties as well and we can click the check symbol we can change that and click the uncheck symbol etc and let's just go ahead and we'll click that one and there we are so let's go ahead and go back to regular mode and we're going to save that very good and then we're going to close it and now we're going to open it again all right so now we have a check box that we can go ahead and check which it did and of course I did they got that cool symbol there the sum up symbol then we want to do a date so I can click that it automatically brings up the calendar so I'll just go ahead and choose a date pick a color we can go and hit the drop down list and we're going to go ahead and choose red pretty awesome choose an animal we'll choose a dog very good so as you can see doing these various different forms is very simple to fill out and it has a lot of different customizations so feel free to play around with that create your own form save it as a template when you're done so that way when the person wants to save it they can save it as a whole new file so it doesn't actually ruin the template that you created.

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