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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Dol

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Dol

Yeah I was so weird like you guys you didn't say no listen any no talent no show up in my room that's locked same idea that's creepy it's not from us so okay let's go inside and eat our food and I'll show you the now okay um guys what this was like here when we left somebody's in here it's not one of antiques like there's like antiques oh yeah this doll was not here who's been here but it sure was a lot wait I just walked right in we left it was locked but you did so Heidi she was locked it was locked that's weird should we text our friends and see if they came by yeah yeah maybe like his toes it's so weird it's with this doll Music so was not here let's just check in with our that wasn't here before that was not sure was not here oh no make it ask them ok guys so we're staying at a friend's house and that doll was not here I don't know if they came by I don't know we just barely got here weird things are happening Audrey showed up she got some weird note I don't know why I don't know who it's from it was not from us Audra wants to know okay this is found on my desk in my crib that is locked how would we put that yeah I mean I don't see Carla's wondering is that really why because my handwriting it says Audrey meet us at Carl's house we want you to meet someone well we're here at Carl's house I know every guess and that so that's weird cuz he would have told you to meet us here and we are friends said we could come here and they know that we would have been here but they said that they didn't have anything to do with this we'll listen creepy what's this white creepy cuz who got into your apartment you got into that house - I know like that doll what's with that doll being in here maybe like a little kid love do you think there's clues should we go check on see if there's clues like on the doll baby oh I'm not touching the doll check it out Music wait a second guys take time at all wait where are you you didn't touch the doll you didn't touch the doll are you sure the doll is not where was guys have you great it has it we've been sitting there eating dinner nobody came into the house worse it all was it just right here it was right here oh that's weird yes you did just because I'm feeling a little creeped out did you did you move it all just tell us yeah okay nobody else what oh my gosh it's so creepy it's looking at me okay this is weird how did she get there who moved her knowing no idea guys come here guys we need to see if there's any clues on her but her eyes she's so old you're touching her eyes okay whose dullness I don't know better pick it up pick it up we need to see if there's any clues as to what's going on Music rise close but that is creepy she's getting stuff in her hair let's do it I don't let her hair fall out it's weird okay guys I don't know is there name on her is there anything open oh gosh did you hear that oh don't what if you break her what if she's somebody's I didn't break her head oh she's got a little speak she's one of those dolls it she does have a speaker there's something in her back here what I can't tell what's theirs we'll have to I don't know what that is oh my gosh there's something there there's something wait there's something I need their hair all's I can tell us eh hey hey guys do you remember we get ready to come in here come here it's just a doll do you remember the note that we've done that send us to the fair yeah hey that was sign a there's a on the back of her head committee wait so wait okay underneath the curls here there's a so our biggest fan of us with a also left a doll well the looks like there's a whole name right in here but it's all kind of rough dogs I can't tell what it is I don't know this is different guys okay we need we need to have quite a walk a walk yeah Jake you didn't do this did you no I do move it you promise yes are you sure yeah all right did I do it I don't know I was in my room you didn't while you were we were all excited duggan ex have been the boys had to visit boys their worst worst i I'll go check with tide let's see guys smear tie Music Tai's you promised you didn't move the doll did Jake move the doll oh you didn't see Jake come in there and move the doll there's been you did you were sitting on the couch the doll was like in the kitchen you didn't see anybody put it all there because they would have had to go past you you didn't see anybody do it all rightie pinky he did a picky story this so tell the truth okay let's go I told you no she's like super mischievious if it's the doll doing it but I think it's not we're just in the room with both boys that is look like my handwriting but do you think this has got anything to do with the appearance of that the letter that we got it seems to the back forehead has an.

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