Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Felon

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Felon

Howdy my name is David Taylor coming to you as always from beautiful Houston Texas how y'all doing today good I hope so I got an email two more emails to go through this one was about felons owning guns here in the state of Texas and what the rules are correct now let me start this video with a disclaimer that says it's something like I am NOT a lawyer nor am i a representative of any state or local municipality or Association or government agency or anything like that I am a private citizen and any information I share with you on this or any other subject is my opinion okay and shouldn't be just taken for granted all right I don't know for fact anything well I mean I know as as much as I think is factual and as always I'll try and bring you real information so the guy asks you know hey I'm a felon I moved to Texas recently I want to know if I can get a gun so I know some characters so I approached them and I also emailed a lawyer who had that topic on his website so let me just play back the information that that I got so I know one guy he committed a felony but he got deferred adjudication from the court okay so I guess that means like they put you on probation or something and then at the end of that they expunge the record right so they get rid of it's like it never happened if you apparently successfully complete whatever the requirements are for deferred adjudication so he said he got done with all that and then recently he went and purchased a firearm from academy uhm and successfully did so he said they passed he passed his is a background check and everything they do when you buy a gun now and and he was able to get his firearm so he in that situation he was able to and he's probably fine because of the feds Cleary on the background checked and shouldn't be any issues now the state of Texas has some laws and I forget you'll have to look it up but it is all out there on the internet for anybody that cares to look it up but this channel is about bringing information and answering questions so apparently in Texas uh after you complete ok so like you go to prison and then for a felony we're talking about felony charges I didn't look into misdemeanors I don't know but you get a felony charge you go to prison and then you either serve out your complete sentence there or you get out of prison on parole and then you finish your parole right so one of those those two things either you serve the complete thing that you were sentenced for or you you finish your parole which probably amounts to the complete sentence I imagine after that five years after that completion you Hey sorry I got a phone call so um yeah five years after that completion you can own a shotgun or rifle you can possess a shotgun or a rifle in your home not in your car not on your person you can have a shotgun or a rifle in your home for self-defense not a pistol but a shotgun or a rifle in your home for self-defense getting on your car carry it around with you that should probably not little all right get a little I dropped my phone actually it's cracked I superglued it pain TS um so uh those are the rules here now you still are probably gonna have a hard time purchasing a firearm because it's illegal everywhere in the country to get a firearm if you're a felon so I don't know about that part I don't want to know about that part don't ask me don't involve me sorry you know I mean like you're on your own as far as acquiring a handgun you're gonna have to go do whatever you're gonna do um that's pretty much it man that's that's basically the whole story you know you just you just have to wait till you're done with your parole and then you can have one alright well if anybody else has any more questions about this I would suggest you go speak with a lawyer before you do anything all right don't make any assumptions especially when it comes to law remember is you're responsible at your responsibility as a citizen to make yourself aware of the laws in this state in this country it is not the responsibility of the state to make you aware of the laws so if you break a law you can't say that well I didn't know that every minutes not gonna work uh yeah all right well good luck with that I hope this was helpful and um great my name is David Taylor yes my name is David Taylor thank you very much for watching please subscribe and share and as always there you go have a good one

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