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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Reduced

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Reduced

Hello it's Philip Taylor speaking from Richmond Green chambers and I'm looking today at a book from nor society publishing it's in their protocol series this is purple cover here conveyancing protocol is what is called on the back you can see some very substantial detail no no names given specifically its covering it actually coming from the law society as a an organization and what you've got at the beginning is the pre exchange of in this format of how one goes about dealing and acting with the various parties to any form of conveyance it does start start out in the first part with some detail about the protocol but very quickly we move in to the main appendices which in The Ballad of 50 pages starts off with a guide to the protocol and then works us through the various areas there is in fact also at the back some information as no index as such but what you have got at the back are very specific relevant bits concerning the various types of information you need to cover every aspect of conveyancing now let me just go into this a little bit more detail the title we've given this work is the must-have protocol for convincing in England and Wales and that is exactly what this book is once again nor society publishing have issued a publication of immense help to all parties who are in any way involved in residential conveyancing especially those solicitors firms which are members of the Law Society conveyancing quality scheme which indeed all conveyancing solicitors are encouraged to join this is the conveyancing protocol itself this book here and it's very much of a professional book for former professionals the intention of it is to set out the obligations of solicitors to their clients so that said plants can understand more about the process of can see and the standards of service they have a right to expect in other words it's the agreement if you like between the person who wants a commencing done and a professional one of the main objectives is to ensure that the client is in the words of the editors at the center of the process and kept fully informed throughout because conveyancing is it's a boring subject to many people it's a very important subject at the same time so we must get it right we must have that concept of plant care I think throughout so the new protocol is something of a departure from those that have preceded it it's designed to bring structure and clarity to communication in residential property transactions and it focuses not only on the solicitor to solicitor contact but on the relationships with others involved that is estate agents surveyors mortgage brokers and of course most importantly our buyers the sellers and the lenders it explains me steps that must be followed on sometimes rocky path to the exchange of contracts and the completion of the cap of the transaction itself with a view to reducing delays because most people will learn delay is the biggest single problem in this area and it does seem to take forever to get things done so to this end it what the law society have done in this publication is present the stages of a typical residential sale and purchase well not actually prescriptive it does suggest how the work process involved can be organized and prioritized into agreed stages that of course is the basically the front of the book itself the text of the protocol is of course included together with all forms guidance and formally needed I'd solicitors and that's obviously in the appendices the only oddity we came across is the appendix entitled the law society's formula for exchanging contact by telephone fax or telex yes before you can tell the younger generation of solicitors so on they probably need never seen a telex machine in their lives so remember that such formerly may be included because property transactions obviously go back a long time in history long before the advent for instance of email and so forth anyway we can look forward to future formula based on email which does probably provider an indispensable record of Correspondence for the future who knows we're in early days with it let me conclude by saying that if your firm or one you are dealing with is accredited under the conveyancing quality scheme compliance with the protocol is mandatory which means that the conveyancing protocol is one book which you should acquire for from the law society now the publication date is 2022 for this particular title and the we think that the your society protocol is a must-have book for all convincing practitioners so can I thank everybody involved in this I think it's a very good step forward as we look to the future and the way that we do with conveyancing thank you very much bye.

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