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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Rehabilitation

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Rehabilitation

I'm going to show you how to adjust a treadmill belt. If you notice real closely, the gap here is narrower than the gap back here, and also the gap here is narrower than the gap here between the sides. Basically, that means that the belt is angled. So, what we're going to do is adjust the front roller. If the front roller is angled like this, the belt is going to be angled in a similar manner. Vice versa, if the front roller is angled like this, the belt will be angled in the opposite direction. In this case, since there's a wider gap here, it means that the front roller is angled like that. So, we're going to address that first. If your belt is already straight, you can skip this step and go right to the rear roller. Start off by removing the cover that covers the motor to expose the front roller. On one side of the roller, you're going to have the belt drive, and on the other side, you're going to have the adjustment part. This is the part that you're going to adjust. Over here, there's a bolt. Start off by releasing this little lock nut. Just go ahead and use a wrench (on my treadmill, it's a 13 millimeter wrench, but on yours, it might be different). We don't need to remove the nut, just loosen it a little bit. Here's the adjustment bolt from a different view, and here are the teeth of the square. Again, the belt was angled this way. I'm exaggerating here, but it was angled that way. So, what we want to do is adjust the roller. Let it come forward a little bit. There's a bolt here. If I tighten the bolt, it'll pull the roller...