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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Screening

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Screening

Oh great yeah this is the problem when you fade in somewhere you how do you know to face the right direction they never had this problem on Star Trek they always whenever they transported or beamed in they always faced the right direction how did they know to do that even when they transported them back they were never you know this way look in the wrong way so so much for this teleportation technology it's just not all it's cracked up to be my name is Carrie Holzman if you're familiar with my channel I show how to build computers repair and maintain computers as well as dispelling a lot of the myths and technology and today I've got a repair that came in and I wanted to show this one because this is the second repair in a row from a from another customer the customers don't know each other with the same symptoms and the same problem sometimes the computer can display symptoms two computers can display similar symptoms I should say and have completely different solutions but in this case because I've got two in a row that have displayed the same symptoms with the same problem I said boy there must be a lot of other people that have experienced this or will experience this and it also happens to be both customers having HP laptops now this isn't a problem that would only happen with HP laptops but there are a lot of HP laptops out there so I suppose that's why I'm seeing I'd say nine out of ten laptops I see or HP's so this laptops actually a pretty nice one it's it's fairly new I think it's only about two years old and it's a pretty large I don't know if you can tell quite how large that is but it's like a multimedia laptop it's uh not the lightest not the heaviest heavily not the lightest not the most portable it's really more of a desktop replacement laptop so what's the problem with it well it's not booting but that in and of itself is not enough diagnostic information to help a technician so I'm going to show you I've got the power brick right here ready to go and we're going to plug the power brick in and any time you're diagnosing a computer always unplug printers flash drives wireless USB devices your everything you don't need if you don't need to use the mouse and you can use the touchpad unplug the external mouse just for at least for the diagnostic want to keep the laptop as as pure as possible by removing any potential objects that could be causing the computer not to boot for example I had a customer whose computer displayed a very similar symptom to this and it turned out that the printer she had plugged in which was a brother label printer was causing the problem so I went on site after I was talking to the customer over the phone and said try this try that okay and when I went on site I noticed this label printer plugged in and I unplugged the label printer from the usb on the computer as I've demonstrated by using the power cable right up and plug the USB turn the computer on booted just fine so I said well that's interesting isn't it and the customers husband also had a computer and I said do you mind if I plug this printer into this other computer well it's off and then we'll turn that computer on and see if it has the same problem you follow me I took the printer from the computer that wasn't booting unplugged it then the computer booted took the same printer plugged it into another computer that was working plugged it in the computer wouldn't boot any more so we knew for a fact it was the printer we did try changing the USB cable just in case it was a bad USB cable but that's how external devices can falsely direct you to diagnosing the wrong thing so that's why we want to make sure everything that we can unplug is unplugged we're only going to have power and when we turn it on let's see if we can get you a better shot of the screen here but what you're about to see is a menu system come up that says that launch startup repair or to start Windows normally and if we choose to launch startup repair well let's go start with Windows normally we say let's start Windows normally it's going to either go to a black screen or it's going to give us a blue screen now I always hope for a blue screen because the blue screen gives us critical information to help us diagnose the problem and I can see from the reflection we've got a blue screen here now this blue screen tells us that it's a unmount abouut volume and that generally means that the hard drive is bad and that's exactly what happened with the previous laptop that I saw so when this customer called and explained this to me over the phone I said that sounds like a bad harddrive I just did that repair for somebody else same brand you know HP laptop all mechanical hard drives do fail actually all hard drives fail not just mechanical ones in fact all technology fails if you want to learn more about how hard drives work and why they fail I just did a video showing the difference between a regular mechanical hard drive and a solid-state hard drive and if you want to check that out I'll have a link to that video in the notes below this video now the very first HP laptop that was brought to me that had the bad harddrive it actually booted to a black screen and then it.

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