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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Stamps

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Stamps

Hi this is a tutorial on how to create a custom date stamp or a time stamp for Adobe Acrobat 10 before we begin make sure your hat you have your custom stamp ready in either jpg or in PDF format this is my custom stamp in a jpg format and make sure you have a handy PDF document around this is one that I just actually just made up and you will need to write down this custom strip here the first line of code helps you find out what the actual file name of the PDF is that your you'll be creating the custom snap out of and the second line second group of code here is actually what the will prompt the user when entering the date stamp so if you want go ahead and pause the video and write down these two scripts okay now that you've written both scripts down and put it into a text document go ahead and save it and minimize it now we're going to start and create a custom stamp make sure you have your stamp image ready this one's mine go to Acrobat go to comment annotations stamp custom stamps create custom stamp now you're going to browse to your stamp image it could be either in jpg format or in PDF format mine is in a JPEG format and select the image okay now that the image load it up go ahead and click OK and create a category name then create a name for the stamp I'm going to call mine received then click okay okay at this point go ahead and close I go back now open Windows Explorer go to your C Drive and under Windows seven you're going to go under users but if you have Windows XP you're going to go on their documents and settings so once you go into users go to your user folder then go to app data and if you don't see app data and the windows 7 go ahead hit alt go to tools folder options go to the View tab and make sure you have show hidden files folders and drives selected if you don't go ahead and do that now and click OK ok so now under app data go to roaming adobe acrobat go to version 10 then go to the stamps folder and now you will see the this PDF file this is the file that gets created when you created that snap from that image of your stamp so let's go ahead and rename this PDF document and let's call it wall color whatever you like I'm calling mine made-up received okay now that you rename the file go ahead and double click on it packing bag will load and you will need to scroll down and here is your stamp image in a PDF format now so now we're going to we're going to have to put a date field here so now you would have to hit select tools go to forms and hit create go ahead and select default use the current document or browse to a file hit next use current document next and it's going to say no new form fueled annotations were detected that's okay click OK and now we're going to add new field you have several options but for this tutorial we're selecting text field go ahead and click on it and move it over to the middle of your stamp and the field name we're going to call it date so once you've done that hit enter right click in the text field select properties go to appearance change the font size to 10 and select the text color that you want put options and the alignment go ahead and select Center that way the date is centered on stamp now go to the calculate tab go to custom calculation script hit edit and this is where you're going to open that text document that you saved earlier and this is where this two scripts come in handy so go ahead and get the script that goes on there getting actual file name it's a two line code going select it ctrl C then go into the JavaScript better box ctrl V so we can paste the code click OK and close go ahead go ahead and save it and save it with the same file name and replace existing file yes close the file and Acrobat if you want now go ahead and minimize your your text document and let's open a PDF file so I'm going to open this one that I created earlier double click on it okay now go ahead and open up any PDF document that you may have double click on it so then go to comment and patient stamp and now you see that category that you created earlier my company stamp go to the actual stamp click on it and set it in an open area of the PDF click on it and now you see these weird characters on the stamp it's important that you write down exactly how it is displayed here at this time you can write it down exactly how it is or go ahead and just close the document if you want to save changes to the PDF before closing no so now under open a recent file go ahead and open your stamp that you created earlier I called mine made-up received go ahead and scroll down and now you see that same weird characters listed in the previous document the easiest way is just to highlight all of the text control-c and then open your text document with all the scripts and you're going to place it under the collation marks in this line of code that is under the PDF date popup script so go ahead and delete that and paste the current characters so now.

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