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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Supplemental

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Supplemental

Hi my name is Jenny Irwin and I'm a student recruitment officer for the University of Toronto I'm base particularly however at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus and my goal today was to give a bit of a presentation about the University of Toronto Scarborough campuses supplementary application form so I'm always happy to come to CIC because I always get a really great group of enthusiastic interested great students we'd love to get your applications we'd love to talk to you we'd love to have you come visit us and I'm so happy to be here today you are a great group of students thank you my name is Jenny Irwin and I am a student recruitment officer for the University of Toronto but today I am particularly representing the University of Toronto Scarborough campus and my goal is to give you a bit of an introduction to UTS C's supplementary application form or staff as we call it for short the supplementary application form gives applicants two specific programs the opportunity to tell us a little bit more about themselves apart from their academic marks it is a profile form that asks you some simple questions that require short answers and those questions tend to be about your extracurricular activities any awards that you may have won for academics any work experience or volunteer experience that you may have basically information that gives us a little bit more of a complete picture about who you are and whether or not the program that you apply to is going to be a good fit for you your answer to the questions on the supplementary application form are going to be used in our admissions assessment in addition to your academic marks academic marks are first and foremost they are the most important for us however your responses on your supplementary application form will sway us in certain circumstances when perhaps your grades are not quite competitive enough for the program that you apply to so this app can help you it could also hurt you however we require the staff for programs that are looking for applicants to have certain qualities or experiences or different sets of skills that are going to help them be successful within that program we only require a supplementary application form from applicants who apply to the programs that you see listed there all management programs at UTSC including non co-op management co-op management and co-op management and international business we also require staff for anyone who applied to co-op International Development Studies or journalism or paramedicine if you did not apply to one of these programs you are not required to submit a supplementary application form I know that this may be a little bit confusing for some of you in the past we did require saps for everyone who applied to any co-op program at UTSC this is no longer the case we only require the staff for those programs listed there so if you are indeed required to submit a supplementary application form please try to do so within three weeks of applying to UTSC or by January 30th of this year to be considered in our earlier rounds of admission it is critical that you submit the supplementary application form if you want to be considered for your program of choice if you do not submit your staff and you are required to do so we unfortunately will be unable to consider you for your chosen program but we will consider you for an alternate offer of admission to a different program area so again if you are required to submit a staff where'd you find it so you're going to access your supplementary application form through the join you of T portal and the login instructions for the join UT portal were provided to you in your original University of Toronto acknowledgement email so go back to check for that for those login details once you login to the join portal this is what it looks like so at the top you'll see a list of the different programs you apply to at the University of Toronto and directly next to it on the right you'll see a light blue button that says status if you click the check status button you're going to go to application status check and this is essentially a window into your application and how it is in the processing phases at U of T and what else might be required from you to submit your application so within application status check there is a document section and some of you may be required to submit additional documentation to complete your application if you are required to do Assaf that is where you're going to find it in that document section there will be a link within documents click on that link to get to this app and it will take you to the staff home page that has instructions for completing this app please please read those instructions very carefully and once you are fully sure that you understand how to proceed you can then take a look at the links on the top left right up there where you see personal information award information etc those are the different sections of the staff that you need to fill out you do not need to complete them in any particular order you could do one before another nor do you need to complete them all at the same time you don't have to do the entire staff in one sitting you can log out of this app and then come back to it later if you want to you do however if you plan to do that need to complete the page that you are working on and at the bottom of each page there is an update section button if you do not click that button and then you navigate.

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