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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Unemployed

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Unemployed

Running for Congress was never in the plan it was and if we work our butts off to make sure that we take back all three chambers of Congress rabid all three chambers of government the presidency a Senate and a house in 2022 we can't start working in 2022 but they don't actually inaugurate Congress people they swear them in and then she went on to say that she was gonna get inaugurated on the 3rd and then start signing bills on the 4 you don't get inaugurate it and you don't sign bills only the president will sign the bills that you present to him but she appears to have her political colors mixed up on hello everybody I'm so excited to be hopping on here a senator Sanders's account and we're here in Kansas City to rally for Brent welder we're gonna flip this seat read in November why did you run I ran because I felt like we could do better and that we could be better as a country and I look around you know the benefit of capitalism is that you engage in voluntary trade it is the system that unlike all the others has lifted more people out of poverty over the course of human history than any other system well so I think that those things that you talked about that you discuss are part of the course of human evolution Cascio Cortes says she can afford to move to Washington she can't make a deposit on an apartment in DC until she gets her first paycheck members of Congress earned a solid $174,000 a year connected most to an electorate when they were fighting for these seats when they got these seats when they're campaigning most when we had more of an American middle class but that upper middle class doesn't exist anymore but when you look at what she just said that the upper middle class is gone look at this in 1979 it was at 12.9% if we could put up the graphic and today the middle class has grown as you can see more than that number from that many years ago yes but I also think that what people are starting to see at least in the occupation of Palestine I think it what I meant is like the the settlements that are increasing and in some of these areas and places where where Palestinians are experiencing difficulty and access to their housing and homes do you think you can expand on that yeah I mean I think I'd also just I I am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue you use the term the occupation of Palestine and what did you mean by that Oh you.

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