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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Unemployment

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Unemployment

Hi I'm professor Marcy L brand ler and I'm here to help you apply for unemployment benefits and this is for California I don't know the other states laws and one of the first things is I noticed in the 1980s I was turned down and they the lady on the phone asked me do you want to appeal and I said oh what could will that do and I didn't realize it would have done a lot of good if I would have appealed I probably would have gotten my unemployment they do a lot of resisting trying to get people not to pay so you know the place of your work they have to pay half the unemployment and I believe you pay another part of it so sometimes you know they're pressuring I guess the unemployment people not to pay us so we have to push a little bit so if I would have appealed I probably would have gotten my benefits and in those days I desperately needed my benefits another thing is mailed your forms in on time be very very careful to do that it's very important and answer the questions accurately and honestly and when you put your phone number in put a phone at which you will be able to be reached easily I don't put my home phone number in because sometimes I'm not going to be home so if I'm out and about teaching or whatever and they make an appointment I go ahead I give them my cell phone number so I would give out my cell phone number not my home number so that when they want to make an appointment to call you and ask you a bunch of questions you already are able to answer wherever you are and just let people know I'm expecting a very important phone call and sorry I'm going to have to walk out for a few minutes and then prepare for the call you know look up the times take your schedule book with you and look up the times where you were unemployed and the last day that you worked or whatever it is so and again answer honestly and then another thing that you want to be able to do is sometimes when I've noticed when I've called them up they'll say go online and apply for unemployment online and then you try to apply online and you cannot because it doesn't work or whatever is happening be very very patient and just keep clicking forward sometimes I've noticed it looks like they're answering asking me the same question and then I've gotten I thought well okay I I guess it's not working and I've gotten off the site and got back on the next day and was clicking through and realized yes they're asking me the same question but it is moving forward and so don't allow yourself to get discouraged I get very impatient sometimes when it keeps going on and on and on and on and they keep asking questions just be very patient take a break whatever and do your best if you cannot you cannot reach unemployment because they're not answering your calls or whatever I had many problems with this in over the years and sent them a letter and then they act like they never received my letter so now what I do is if I have to send them a letter I send it certified return receipt and in California that costs about $8 you cannot recoup that money I'm sorry and you can't write it off on your taxes there's no way you get that money back it's just but what happens with certified return receipt is that you get a little postcard that says they had to sign to receive your letter so the unemployment people have to go into the post office to pick up the letter from you and they have to sign it that they received it that postcard with their signature comes to you and so now you have proof that they indeed received your letter and inside the letter I will say this letter has been sent certified return receipt that way I have proof and if I have to sue them or whatever in small claims court and oftentimes you will win then now I have that that proof so it's a good idea to do that so and another thing is if you're a teacher and you're on recess like spring break or Christmas or summer or whatever you still get paid from the unemployment office and a teacher had to sue them through survey si versus the unemployment office and they get they got their money so we as teachers whether you're college or high school junior high whatever grade school you get to get unemployment benefits during your break and they might try to intimidate you and make you feel like you can't get your money but yes you can there is a law look it up so I hope this helps you and again be persistent don't let someone you know cajole you or intimidate you into not being able to I know if the word cajole was right but anyway intimidate you into not being able to get your unemployment money you deserve it you work hard for it okay my name is Professor Marcia brand ler you can check my website out there's one it's called English with Marcial it's all kinds of things to do with the English language and writing and grammar and all kinds of issues with that then I have another website the happiness gig which I'm working on still anything to do with happiness and then another website it's called Marcy L presents and it's for my film and television shows we will be adding more YouTube videos another one that I'm going to put on YouTube is advice for.

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