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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Unemployment

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Unemployment

Hi I'm professor Marcy L brand ler and I'm here to help you apply for unemployment benefits and this is for California I don't know the other states laws and one of the first things is I noticed in the 1980s I was turned down and they the lady on the phone asked me do you want to appeal and I said oh what could will that do and I didn't realize it would have done a lot of good if I would have appealed I probably would have gotten my unemployment they do a lot of resisting trying to get people not to pay so you know the place of your work they have to pay half the unemployment and I believe you pay another part of it so sometimes you know they're pressuring I guess the unemployment people not to pay us so we have to push a little bit so if I would have appealed I probably would have gotten my benefits and in those days I desperately needed my benefits another thing is mailed your forms in on time be very very careful to do that it's very important and answer the questions accurately and honestly and when you put your phone number in put a phone at which you will be able to be reached easily I don't put my home phone number in because sometimes I'm not going to be home so if I'm out and about teaching or whatever and they make an appointment I go ahead I give them my cell phone number so I would give out my cell phone number not my home number so that when they want to make an appointment to call you and ask you a bunch of questions you already are able to answer wherever...