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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Will 8850 Form Workforce

Instructions and Help about Will 8850 Form Workforce

Bullying is a slow and painful death and probably someone you know right now is suffering in silence bullies and leaders these are two things we choose to be why is this important to me for 20 years I was a victim of workplace bullying and harassment as a female officer in the RCMP and having survived I wanted to help other people not suffer in silence I want to share the tools I created to survive because remaining silent I become part of the problem and my first attachment I dare to speak up against two officers who thought it was funny to refer to me as beaver and other humiliating names regarding my body parts female body parts in the office in public and on the radio so other detachments could hear first thing I did was remember what my parents said when kids are teasing you just ignore it and they'll stop and it'll go away well it didn't I tried that and sadly eventually people in the community were referring to me with those humiliating names second strategy was the direct approach I went to each one and asked them to please stop calling me these names they laughed it continued and doing that was terrifying because one of them was my direct supervisor and as a result he was in charge of my performance assessment third thing I did was follow the chain of command I went to our boss our detachment commander our leader and asked him to please tell them to stop calling me these names he said well maybe you enjoy the attention to make matters more complicated my partner with 15 years of service arrived at work drunk before I could drive him home he crashed his car into a parked car I don't know how people do that but they do fled the scene forced another vehicle off the road and just barely made it into his driveway by the time I caught up to him later he wanted and expected and assumed I would provide a false statement as to the cause of the accident so you can imagine and what a choice my ability to make ethical and lawful decisions was challenged because I was being bullied and intimidated ask yourself if you've ever said anything that was offensive or hurtful well of course we have none of us is perfect we all make mistakes the idea is hopefully we learn from those mistakes we move on from those mistakes we don't repeat them the difference between a bully and a mistake is with the intent the bully wants to wound to have power over to humiliate and to destroy the bully sets the stage for the target for the victim for anyone who's considered the other and that can be those who don't fit into the the challenge the culture of the organization those who look different in skin color as we've seen with the police shootings those who dare to stand up and speak up against the command and control basically this could be any one of us and if no one says anything it escalates bullying can start out as teasing and because no one says anything the violence escalates one night in December I came to work and I went to use the ladies washroom I opened up the wooden stall door and it fell off the wall landed on my face split my forehead and gave me a concussion this was meant to be a joke three days later when I returned the maintenance officer said Cherie I have no idea what happened but it looked like somebody intentionally loosened the screws I went to get my gun belt out of my gun locker and I noticed it was open and inside I had blue gym bag inside the blue gym bag was a dead prairie chicken with blood dripping all over my personal things this was meant to be a joke so my fourth ineffective coping strategy was to try and ride that bullying wave my fifth strategy was to change detachments even after moving station-to-station nothing significant changed and as the years rolled long bullying incident harassment a shotgun training accident disability intimidation threats I wrote I realized that I was going to work in a hostile work environment that was intimidating and isolating why do people stay why did I stay that long well one financial I needed the money I was a single mom and it was fear my comfort zone of fear those feelings of being empty a sense of hopelessness and helplessness that voice in your head when you're bullied enough you start to think there must be something wrong with me and this hopelessness comes from a sense that nobody speaks up because people know what's happening they see it they hear it but nobody does anything and by this silence allows and condones the bullying to continue and being strong did not mean I was invincible I still remember that January morning ten years ago driving to work and I realized oh my gosh if I go to work one more day I'm gonna die I didn't know how I was gonna die I just knew I was gonna die that night when I went to my bedroom I reached for my sleeping pills I wasn't thinking of tomorrow I wasn't thinking of what I would miss birthdays anniversaries coming school grad traveling to Europe standing underneath that beautiful Eiffel Tower touching the Wailing Wall attending the United Nations in New York City years of love and laughter and fun and giggling the only thing I was thinking of was falling asleep and feeling nothing and out of the corner of my eye there was a small school photo of my daughter and in that micro split second of hesitation that same voice said I can't do that to her you see to be.

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