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8850 2023 Form: What You Should Know

Form W-2 (rev. 08/2017); Employer Identification Number (EIN); Form W-3 (rev. 08/2017); Employer Identification Number (EIN); Form W-4; Form 1099; Forms 4987; Forms 990; or Form 888 with Form 1 for Nonresident Aliens who are not U.S. citizens or Green Card Holder. The employer section is on page 1. IRS Forms W-2, W-3, and W-4 — employer tax code 1 (w-2); employer tax code 1; other Forms of ID: IRS Forms W-2, W-3, and W-4. IRS Forms 990-X, 990-SR, W-2G and 990-J — the W-2 (w-2); Form W-2G (tax code of 1), Form W-2E (business code of 1), or Form 990-EZ (tax code of 0, which is similar to 990-G); Form 1042 (W-2); Form 1040 (1040-EZ); Form 1040NR (1040-NR), or Form W-2K (the 1040-K), depending on which form is submitted. Form 2107 — the tax code of 9; or Form 1501 (A 1040); Form 2106 for Individual Plans; or Form 2106-EZ (EZ) for Individual Retirement Arrangements. Form 8815 — the employee's name; his or her social security number; the name and employer identification number of the company; and the number of the form that he or she applies for. Form 5498 — for taxpayers who want an extension of time to file, but do not file on or before the 31st day after the close of the tax year; or the taxpayer's address, for persons, who are required to file returns by this date, but do not file within 60 days or the period prescribed, Form 5638 — the following for Individuals (e.g., an individual who is a nonresident alien, a resident alien, or a Green Card holder); and the following for business entities: business entity, individual entity, partnership or corporate organization, and joint venture or other entity.

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Instructions and Help about 8850 Form 2023

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