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Instructions and Help about Thomas and company employee pin

Domain is really for me to add value just now one of the few things I want to mention to you like everything that I answer really comes from the amount of context that I have from you know the two to three sentences that you send in but really it's a lot of it is if I were in your shoes having empathy and putting myself in your place what I would do to really grow from where you're at work go through or breakthrough from a challenge or a struggle or an obstacle that you have so alright this is so this is going to be me answering a lot of the top questions from from entrepreneurs marketers just people that have asked around the web we don't know the name for the show maybe you're going to come up with a name for the show but right now I guess you could say it's just yeah I asked act ask the beat I don't have hunger fear of name is just and here we get some fun it mm-hmm I have an idea ready to start monetizing tomorrow it will be a side project however I'm fearful of going public with it I have this in parentheses irrational fear that friends and acquaintances I think it's too bitter lame or might not understand it at all has anyone else been through this before how experienced entrepreneurs just ignore all the negative mmm so that's your a really really good question what was the first part of that question in terms of what we think is a yes idea is there but he's afraid of either people going public with it because yes irrational fear that friendiy and it's obviously good idea okay so what wasn't it whose name using Joe Joe little right okay so Joe file that's a good question I think it's something that a lot of entrepreneurs experience when especially when you're I mean I'm assuming that you're a young person and that you don't have experience starting a company so this is your first business I think that one of the first things that you should really really do is you can keep it private to yourself but you should just focus on executing taking action is really the biggest solution and the biggest antidote to what you're feeling eventually you'll start being able to open up one of the contributors that you might not have in terms of self-awareness with yourself is that you're afraid that if you fail in your new startup then you'll be able to really you know people will know you won't be the same person that all your friends and family know about and having that record of failure or struggle and letting other people know it most entrepreneurs aren't comfortable with it which is why they want to keep it private so I think that you should just focus on just taking action but keeping.


What is the biggest mistake that a big company has made?
What is the biggest mistake that a big company has made? Why did Google create Alphabet? What are the benefits of having a separate overarching holding company? Is it legal for an employer in the UK to fire an employee if they had a fight at a work social event? What are the parallels, if any, with the protests due to George Floyd and racism in the U.S.A., and with the Boston Tea Party with the USA vs Britain? What are some interesting moments in Chinese history that aren’t told often? What are the qualifications required for HR? What did a new employee that you've just hired do wrong that instantly made you regret that decision? Did you fire them? Why is the US banking system so far behind that of many European countries?
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