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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Work opportunity tax credit 2022

Instructions and Help about Work opportunity tax credit 2022

Thank you so much for joining us here on cpa academy this is matt escoba CPA Academy my pleasure to welcome you to this presentation we're excited to get started right here on time excited so many people are joining us for today's course about ready to go underway or we get too much further I just want to confirm everything is working correctly should be able to hear me clearly should be able to see Brian's screen clearly as well on your screen already seeing some comments coming in Linda Helen Tim Tom from Liz several others saying hello we're ready to get going you're letting me know where you are from so it looks like we have a wide portion of the country represented today which is nice to see one remind everybody how things work around here can earn credit for today's course it's very simple to do so just remain logged in throughout the duration of the presentation with polling questions as well which part of credit process we're going to launch those intermittently throughout the session you guys see those pop up on the screen where you're currently seeing a slide all you need to do select an answer it feels appropriate hit the big submit button and that's going to help record your attendance once we wrap up here today we'll get to work on ensuring that credit for you takes us about 24 hours or less to do that you're going to see an email from us here at cpa academy letting you know it's all set and available in your account we're gonna record today's session while that posted later thi archive I erase it missed anything or need to review it you're more than welcome to do so I'll just made a copy of the handouts available to you the right there in that handouts tab there's also a copy in your CPA Academy account as well and it looks like most folks are familiar with that questions panel since you've typed in already but if you do have questions throughout the session I certainly encourage you to go ahead and put those in we'll try and address as many as we can during the session or in the background Lindsay's also on the line to help with that aspect of course anything we don't get to we'll make sure we follow up by passing on those questions to crime once we wrap up here today all right so that's going to do it for my introduction but Brian I do want to say thank you so much for coming back and presenting on our platform once again certainly appreciate your insights into this topic increase you're putting together today's session to help add some clarity to this area so I know is on to cover I'm going to step back and step out of your way and I'll turn the session over to you thanks so much thanks Matt.


How can I fill out the income tax return of the year 2016-17 in 2018?
There is no option to file online return but you can prepare an offline return and went to the officer of your jurisdiction income tax commissioner and after his permission you can file the return with his office.
I'm 22 years old and I want to become a millionaire by 35. How do I do this?
I became a millionaire when I was 40, but it’s not so difficult to get there by 35.Leverage is key. Leverage is basically the difference between values of the same thing, in two different positions. (Location, time, etc.)Think about a waterfall where there is a height difference. So, water naturally flows from one level to another:Same applies to business. Money flows naturally to where it has more leverage.As a 22 year old, you have all the time in the world. But you can’t simply exchange your time, your biggest asset at a low price point. That’s a poor person’s mindset. You can leverage the difference between value of time in a western country and a developing one. There are millions of people who are ready to happily work on a project in Phillipines, India or Morocco for a fraction of what it would cost in US.Go to Upwork | Hire Freelancers. Make things happen.Go to Find work/ U.S. OnlyFind job posts about a topic that you have an idea about. Social Media Marketing has lots of tasks that a 22 year old can easily manage. Things like editing images, posting them on Instagram or Facebook, etc. But you won’t be doing them by yourself. Merge multiple tasks from different businesses and post another job to have them done by an agency (or an individual) from a developing country. By bundling them as one project, you will have more power in negotiating a better deal. Then all you need to do is make sure they deliver, and communicate with your US based customers.I was able to make between $300-$500 with this method when I first discovered Upwork.This is just one idea out of thousands you can find, utilizing the differences between different parts of the world. Be resourceful and create your own resources, to use them to get to the next level.Make sure to read the story of the guy who made his way to get a house, trading things with more valuable stuff, starting with a paperclip:One red paperclip - Wikipedia
How does the child tax credit work in the United States (2022)?
The child tax credit is $2022 for each child under age 17. The tax credit is deducted from the tax bill up to the amount of the tax. If the tax credit is greater than the amount of the tax, some of the additional amount may be refundable up to certain limits and with some restrictions.
How can I find out how many times my wife has applied for the American Opportunity/Hope Tax credit?
Since the IRS will not release information to you about the parent's tax returns due to privacy protections you will have to get the information from her parents. If the parents do not remember they can request transcripts of their tax returns (via mail) from the IRS. See Get Transcript Tax Return Transcript shows most line items from your tax return (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ) as it was originally filed, including any accompanying forms and schedulesYou will not be able to get any information from the IRS, only the parents will be able to request their information.
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